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WechatNew communications satellite company awaits approvalNew communications satellite company awaits approvalNew communications satellite company awaits approval10-31-2017 09:07 BJTChina Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, a▓ major space contractor, is considering the establishment of a satellite company to tap the space-based communications market, according to a project insider.Tan Qianhong, Party chief of China Space Sanjiang Group, a CASIC subs

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idiary in Hubei province, said Sanjiang has submitted a plan on the proposed satellite firm to CASIC and is waiting for approval.The new entity would focus mainly on the research, development and launch of small satellites that would operate in low orbit and provide narrowband communications service, Tan told China Daily in an exclusive interview. Tan spoke on the sidelines of the▓ 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, to which he is

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a delegate."General Secretary Xi Jinping has stressed that China's modernization drive will not succeed without the comp▓letion of informatization," he said. "Space-based infrastructure is a pillar of the information industry. The new company would be tasked with forming a satellite constellation to boost space-based communicatio▓ns."Informatization i

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